Squad6ix is an energetic Hip
Hop crew from a gully know
as ‘DA HEIGHTS’ located in
Sydenham, Durban, South
Africa, they are taking their
love for music to another level
by adding some real life
experiences with a hint of
swagger they are taking the
bull by its horns. Squad6ix
exhibits the perfect amount of
tenacity, coupled with equal
parts of dynamism, heartiness
and determination. Squad6ix
creates the kind of music
that’s authentic with a sense
of relativity. They credit their
unique sound to GOD, their
influential surroundings, real
life drama, family, Da
Squad6ix fam and their fans.
sensational rap stars!
Squad6ix was founded by
Brett August, along with
Castro Morgan, Martin Forbay
and Kerwin Marillier.
Unfortunately Brett August
had passed away in 2007. His
memory will live on forever in
Squad6ix and the rest of the
team will continue to carry out
what Brett has envisaged.
Brett August was initially the
squad leader, and has set a
firm foundation for the group.
Today they stand strong on
this foundation and maintain
Brett’s credo and ideology.
Rest in peace Brett August!
Squad6ix Records specializes
in the best Hip Hop & R&B
Entertainment in South Africa,
with the goal of going
WORLDWIDE with their music
by promoting
‘AFRO HIP HOP’ on a whole
new level.
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